Coin Master Boom Level Villages list 2020

Coin Master Boom Level Villages list is a unique concept; in this, the whole premise is given the face of a village with many real-life décors. Coin Master is the most celebrated smartphone game currently with over a large fan base around the world. The game platform, which was started in 2016, managed to make itself one of the top-grossing applications globally. It is also crowned as the top-grossing mobile game in United Kingdom & Germany. The game is rated on 12+, so it makes it comfortable for your children to play it, but, as it depicts some (or intense) simulated gambling, you also have to make sure your children aren’t taking much effect from the game.

Coin Master Boom Level villages
Coin Master Boom Level villages

Coin Master Boom Level villages list

Coin Master Boom Level Village is a unique concept; in this, the whole premise is given the face of a village with many real-life décors. The player has to make five buildings to create a village and then move forward to the next village. The coin master village is a very costly affair for the players as they need to have many coins to build their village. you should also know about village protection in coin master game.

The number of coins required to make a village increases with the number of villages a player makes. For example, for his maiden village he has to spend 4 million cash, but as the game proceeds, the spending goes up. Every level is a new village which you’ll be given to the building. There are 221 levels in Master Coin, which you’ll have to pass to become the pro Coin Master gamer.

Every Boom level villages in Coin Masters

Village LevelVillage Name
Village 5Far east
Village 7 Sunny Hawaii
Village 10 Atlantis
Village 13 Arabian nights
Village 15 Wild west
Village 17Jungle
Village 20 The arctic
Village 22 Candy land
Village 27Columbus
Village 30 India
Village 34Dragon Lair
Village 35 Greek island
Village 37The wizard
Village 40Area 51
Village 45Musketeers
Village 47Theme park
Village 49Hell
Village 50Easter
Village 51Japan
Village 55Jurassic ville
Village 57Mongolia
Village 60 Robin hood
Village 61Deep sea
Village 62don Quixote
Village 65Olympus
Village 75Unicorn
Village 79Tin Soldier
Village 83 Car Racing
Village 87Baba Yaga
Village 90King Arthur
Village 93Caribbean Resort
Village 95Egyptian Pyramids
Village 98Milky Way
Village 102Goblin Ghetto
Village 105Circus
Village 107Golf Course
Village 110Rice Farmer
Village 112Irish Craic
Village 115Aztec
Village 117Ice Queen
Village 122Tennis
Village 125Witches
Village 127Zanzibar
Village 130Argentina
Village 135Gymnastics
Village 136New york
Village 138Punk rock
Village 140Rio
Village 141Space pirate
Village 142Mech workshop
Village 143Jock & Jonn

How many levels are there in Coin Master Village?

A village in the coin master game is equipped with many chests, bonuses, hidden treasure, coin master spins etc. However, there is a different set of villages called Boom Levels villages; they are just like any other village in the coin master game. However, the real difference is that the boom level villages are more modern and equipped with a lot more features than typical villages.

Here, a player can get his hands on more chests, treasures, and prizes. It is not easy to get hands-on this booming level villages as it is sporadic, and a player has to be very lucky to get a boom level village in his coin master cards. But, if a player gets his hand on the village, it is a win-win situation to buy more hi-tech chests, gold, coins, etc.

The boom level villages have many levels, and the player must remain in the game for a long to earn more treasure for his survival in the game.

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