Coin Master Cards Collection Guide (Joker & Gold Card)

Coin-master game is the number 1 spinning game and has a lot of followers. The game is based on the idea that the player spins a wheel and he gets to hand over different coins, props, and cards as a prize. so in this, we are sharing Coin Master Cards Collection Guide with you. The best part about the game is its uniqueness. A player has to build his own town using these coins, props whatever he wins in the spin game. Also, the player has to destroy his enemy town too and become the sole king of the territory. However, it is not easy to win cards in this game as it has a lot of twists and turns.

Coin Master Card Collection Guide
Coin Master Card Collection Guide

How To Get Joker & Gold Card?

There are a lot of card available in coin master game but only two cards are very famous. first joke card and second gold card. so here we will tell you how you can get these cards free of cost by doing some simple steps.

Coin Master Joker Card

Joker Card is the most important card in the Coin-master game. The joker card in the game can be exchanged with any other golden card in the game. However, the biggest demerit about this card is that they come with an expiry date and the players should use them before they expire.

Coin Master Joker Card
Coin Master Joker Card

Coin Master Gold Card

A coin master Card is the second most important card in the whole game. The players can get this card either from card trading or from raids, purchases. Card Trading is a way of exchanging the big cards for regular and simple cards and it can be traded 5 times once in a lifetime. In the case of other methods, cards can be attained by participating in different events, raids, or simply purchasing. Use Coin master pro player strategy and become a coin master pro player.

Coin Master Gold Card
Coin Master Gold Card

How can a player Trade Cards?

Trading Cards means exchanging a high-level card with more simpler cards, however there are certain rules for trading the cards which we will check below:

  • Login to your face-book account and tap on the Coin Master card,
  • Click on the cards and press the option of trade the card,
  • Click on the name of the friend you wish to exchange your card with,
  • The gold cards can be traded only during the events held on the app or on face-book,
  • At a time, only 2 gold cards can be traded.
  • For sending cards to any other face-book friends simply tap on the friend name and send them the number of cards.

What are chests in Coin Master?

Chests are treasure boxes that are won through the turning of this coin master sport. These chests are in case three kinds viz gold, charming, and also wooden. Every one of those chests includes a different amount of cards within them, such as the wooden chests comprise just two cards. The gold torso includes 4 cards whereas the bewitching chest includes 8 cards. In addition, we compose coin master spins hyperlink directly there it is possible to get daily boundless spins associate.

Golden Coin in Coin Master Card in 2020

There are certain ways in which the gold coin can be changed into Coin-Master Card in 2020, there are certain ways by which the golden coin:

  • trading cards in Facebook events,
  • By using online tools related to the golden coin,
  • sending cards to the players and friends on face-book,


So, guys, this was the guide about Coin Master Cards Collection. I hope you will get the idea of how you can get the Joker & Gold Card in this game. Enjoy your game and read more interesting tricks of coin master games.

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