How to Protect Village in Coin Master – Coin Master Shields

Today in this article we are going to share How you can use Coin Master Shields to protect your village in the Coin Master Game. Coin-master game is the number one game that uses the spinning method and it has a lot of followers around the world in a short span of time. The game is based on the basic notion that the player has to spin a wheel and thus wins different coins, props, and cards as a prize. The best part about the game is that it can be played by any person. In this game, a player has to build his own town using the won coins, props whatever he wins in the Free coin master spins game. Also, the player has to destroy his enemy town too and become the sole king of the territory.

How to Protect the village in Coin Master
How to Protect the village in Coin Master

Coin Master Shields to Protect Village in Coin master

There are a lot of ways in which a player can protect his village in the coin master games. The first one is definitely the shield however there are a lot of ways in which the user has to use the shield correctly. In this article, I have discussed the shields and its various aspects:

What is a shield?

Coin Master Shields
Coin Master Shields 

A shield is protecting thing which protects and blocks the attack from the enemies on the village. A player can have at-least 3 shields at a time, if your run out of shields then you can have it by winning the game. The shields gives the benefit of protecting the villagers from attack by the enemies. This shields also help in protecting the coins and cards from the opponents.

How to use the coin master shield?

The players who wish to get extra shields for protection against the enemies he can do it by the following three steps:

  • By spinning the coin master game wheel.
  • By buying the shields with the coins or coin master cards available with the players.
  • Or by simply winning the game and thus getting the shield as a gift.

How to protect the village and coins from opponents?

Here we are sharing 3 most popular methods that you can use to protect your village and coins from opponents gamer. These 3 methods will help you a lot.

Rhino to Block Attacks

Rhino is the best way to combat attack and protect the village and coins. The players can upgrade themselves to more Rhino and thus it will help in protecting the village. The Rhino is the most important and strongest prize but it must need to feed properly to keep it active!

Protect Attacks with Shields

The Shields are the most important ways to combat attacks from any enemy. The players can win shields and thus protect themselves from the attack. Become a pro player of coin master game read our latest guide.

Ask for Help Friends

If any candidate is playing the game, he can resort to his friends help. The player can ask his friends to not attack him or destroy his village.


So, guys, this was the guide about Coin Master Shields Collection. I hope you will get the idea of how you can protect your village in this game. Enjoy your game and read more interesting tricks about coin master games.


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