How to Play Coin Master Game like a Pro- Best Gaming Strategy

Coin Master entered the gaming market in 2016 and has been one of the most successful games of all time. Today we are going to sharing a strategy about how to play coin master like a pro gamer. The game is available both on the android and ios interface. The game is the number one gaming app in a lot of countries and a lot of fans around the world. In fact, it has even surpassed the popularity of PUBG and Tinder. The Coin-Master game is related for users above 12+ which accounts for its huge fan following. The game has surpassed 50 million downloads and is the topmost game in UK and Germany. The app is free to download and use and collects its revenue from in-app purchases.

How to Play Coin Master Game like a Pro
How to Play Coin Master Game like a Pro

How to be a pro player of Coin Master?

There are a lot of ways in which a player can be a pro in the Coin Master game but before that let’s know some important points of the game.

  • The game is available on both apple and google-play-store it is free to use and download.
  • The game is based on a village premise where each player is regarded as the king of the village.
  • The rewards and win points come from spinning the wheel which is present in the game.
  • A player can earn coins, cards which can be later utilized in the game to buy villages, buildings, etc.
  • The game has a slot machine which the player can use to swipe and use the wheel.
  • After all the spinning sessions are over, a player can get 1 spin per five hours.

There are certain rewards and goodies which the players can have in order to play coin master game which I am going to discuss now:

  • Coins:
    Coins are the currency which are gained in the game by doing a lot of activities and which are helpful in building the village. and you can also earn coins by using the Free daily free coin master spins links method.
  • Raid:
    Raid is the way by which a player can attack on his opponent and loot his village and his treasures.
  • Shield:
    Coin Master Shields are helpful in protecting the village from the attack of the enemy and raid by the opponents. A player has to earn at least 5 shields in his gameplay.
  • Attacks:
    This is the extra power that a player uses to attack his opponent or enemies of the village.
  • Extra Spins:
    The player can use the spinning wheel and thus use it to refill the spins.

Different Elements to use While PLaying Coin Master Game

There are a lot of elements and features of Coin-master game which makes it so popular amongst its fans, we will now discuss all the elements of the game one by one:

Play with friends

Coin master game is the ultimate game in the gaming world right now. The best part about this game is that any player can play with his face-book friends. The player who wish to play with his friends can send a play request to his facebook friend using the invite button. Post clicking on the invite button, the friends can get an access of the village.

Village Making

Village building is the major plot of the coin-master game other than different things. For building the village, the player will have to use the slot machine in the game. The player can use the coin to build the village and upgrade the buildings and everything other available in the game. In total there are 221 levels in the coin-master game which the player has to pass to reach the top level.

Coins and Stars

The coins and stars available in the coin master game are used to build different building in the village. The players will have to earn a lot of coins by spinning the wheel of the game. The user can earn large amount of coins by spinning the wheel, daily rewards or by raiding anyone’s village. These coins are useful in buying other shields for protection in the game.

Trading Card and Earn Card

There are 4 5 types of cards that are present in the coin master game. The user has to collect this set of cards to build the village, raid a village, or destroy any other player’s village. These cards can be earned by spinning, exchanging coins, etc. once a player collects all the coin master cards he becomes eligible to but chests, pets, character, etc to boost his game.

Coin Master Pets

Coin Master Pets
Coin Master Pets

Pets are the most important feature of the coin-master game, they are helpful to the players in playing the game. The player has to feed the pets with the coins and stars earned during the game. The pets are used in the game include Foxy, Tiger & Rhino can grow up by obtaining treats for them & increasing their experience points which are called XP. They can also give eggs.

Game Characters

The first character of the coin master game is a pig which acts as the guide to the player in the game. Post this, a lot of different characters such as king, queen, wizards, pets and animals etc which are introduced at different levels to aid the game.

Make A Strategy

The players can devise a strategy to save the game play of the coin master game. The features of the game is used for spinning, winning & crushing your opponents. Hence, in order to win the game the players has to earn maximum number of shield and must have a lot of pets.

How to Secure your own village in the game?

There are at times when the opponent tries to harm the village and destroy it. There are numerous ways to avoid this kind of attack on the village but the two major ones which are really helpful are as follows:

Activating the ghost mode – The players can activate the ghost mode in the game anytime to avoid and combat any attack on the village.

Building the village at one go – The players can follow this strategy to save their village from being destroyed. The players can gather coins and rewards and use it one go to build the village. This will help in avoiding any attack by the enemy clan.


So, guys, this was the guide about how to become a pro player of coin master game. I hope you will get the idea of how you can play coin master like a pro. Enjoy your game and read more interesting tricks about coin master games.

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